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tv   [untitled]    February 24, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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well the british sign off on some time to. market why not. why not what's really happening to the global economy
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with much stronger or no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. overseas top stories a u.k. court rules we found out the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks should be extradited to sweden to face sex crimes allegations julian assange claims that charges them on to a witch hunt up to he's signed a release of thousands of u.s. diplomatic cables. prime minister putin told a top level you meeting arab countries in the midst of political upheaval should be left to find their own democratic course free from foreign intervention he condemns the use of force while urging western countries to be more consistent and one day advocate democracy. eighty three is more than a million refugees fleeing the chaos in north africa could descend on its shores and cause an fellow e.u. nations for assistance many who fear criminals and terrorists could better mung their thousands already in the country. plus space shuttle discovery blasts from
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cape canaveral in the u.s. on its final mission after almost three decades of orbital travel that leads to russia and so use face craft as the only money lifeline the international space station. had lined up next to max kaiser looks behind the financial headlines discussing china's reincarnation and washington's search for a virtual community.
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max kaiser and this is the kaiser report you know you've got to be really careful about who you alert reincarnate. stacey tells more max that's in our first headline here china bans reincarnation without government permission the law which goes into effect next month and strictly stipulates the procedures by which one is to reincarnate is quote an important move to institutionalize management of reincarnation oh the dalai lama right now the chinese government wants to control all the cars with a green carnation wheel to make sure that the dalai lama doesn't go broke to. mention to the people that they might want to system other than capitalists last communist slash to tell its aryanism slash american style neoliberal market manipulation j.p. morgan sucks but is also propaganda against the dalai lama in the propaganda and you know manufacturing consensus is in all the rest of our headlines like this and
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this is a headline from february eighteenth friday before the weekend in which libya blew up don't pay attention to the gold bugs so this is from david b. armstrong a c.f.a. and a managing director and co-founder of a wealth management firm in alexandria virginia he says that if there is some sort of national or global crisis that plays out from some doom and gloom scenario i am willing to bet that a box of ritz crackers and a can of cheese whiz is going to be worth more than that ounce of gold coins in a drawer all this. indoctrinated into the paper bug psychosis that's perpetrated by the yes well he's i don't think he's indoctrinated i'm sure this man in alexandria virginia is very well protected he doesn't want you to protect himself and he's saying your desk drawer whatever you have in there is not going to save you but what if your desk the whole building in which your desk
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resides has burned down as we see from this headline the libyan central government building is on fire and oil and silver are surging. yeah right so he's wrong so he was wrong of course but this is the sort of propaganda that we're seeing this manufacturing of consensus that only we only the fed dictator as we pointed out last week only ben bernanke he only hank paulson only timothy geitner these are the men who can protect you from chaos and the disaster we ourselves have created in one of these to protect you with the dollar it's a it's a cult worshipping the dollar as if the dollar was somehow more valuable than gold or silver that's a cult i mean this guy is like that help comment cult guy who got everybody to get into a knapsack and drink the whatever from all the higher kool-aid and blow out to a common orbiting he's a psychopath but you can see across the board that most human beings
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most citizens who watch the news that listen to their leaders believe that only the dollar is good and strong and you see that we've covered this before we've looked at comments and progressive blogs for example who like mock and laugh at people who talk about the goaltenders anything to protect you. oh my me have you just been reincarnated as a flea or something that should not be allowed to be reincarnated that's just luck my first coma is i let's get the chinese going to the fundamentals dr green corner because you've been going no good so as we see the libyan central government building was on fire on monday and this follows the rambling crazy speech by saif gadhafi the son of moammar gadhafi a year that i was watching it on the web the guy is i don't know that methamphetamine labs in libya in tripoli and now going back to this manufacturing consensus and propaganda here's a headline just from
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a few months ago could offer you saw and to get invitation so this is davos in january just a few weeks ago where he was invited in and the world economic forum was making a big point as we're going to invite this guy and there were rumors that he wouldn't be invited so in his speech of course he blamed drug addicts the unemployed union members and illegal immigrants for the chaos in his country which of course sounds very familiar to what you're seeing in the u.s. those are the same exact groups that are responsible for economic disaster we see ourselves and not the elite not the dictators of the world not the oligarchs on behalf of all the guys who are up at davos those aren't the ones it's the it's the drug addicts the unemployed and union members. in madison wisconsin there's tens of thousands of people on the street trying to for regime change in wisconsin and the people who are the dictators in wisconsin are trying to say oh it's the own employer the union members the workers the drug addicts and it's the same global
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insurrection against banker occupation what we find out is they're actually telling each other it's all the unemployed the drug addicts and the illegal immigrants that are causing all our problems well that another bit of propaganda that they themselves have believed in that they've been perpetrating so there's some soup in their own belly button lint as you say here's the headline j.p. morgan says lehman called as. go to what i'm sorry mr i thought you said lehmann called us up to go to. that is what i said he just said yes so lehman brothers and barclays deceived j.p. morgan chase with bad assets of the failed investment banks own employees dubbed toxic waste and go poo according to new court papers that escalate a legal battle between the financial firms a lot of people don't believe me when i say on the show that the banks they just exchange cocktail napkins they say they're worth a billion dollars they swap them they charge the other fake and then when it comes
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out that there is nothing there they go to the government for bail us i think we're joking about this but clearly the headlines prove exactly what we're saying the banks themselves call the assets that are swapping with each other go to go to let me tell you something a pile of gold who is not worth a billion dollars that's not what twenty billion dollars go to even if you had all the go to ever buy every go to the center go to it wouldn't be worth the billions of dollars that these banks claim to have on their balance sheet and the federal reserve claims it has on its balance sheet the federal reserve bank ben bernanke if you open up the vaults what you would find is hot steaming go to that's all they've got at the bank that's why the dollar is going to crash that's why anyone who believes the dollar is going to do better than the gold needs to be prevented from being reincarnated chinese government step in and do your thing make your magic do your communist dictator thing don't look the marine corps name now we're continuing on our theme of manufacture and consensus and one of the guys in america
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a politician who has been for the gold standard an honesty in government dealings with the population has been ron paul now here's a headline regarding him fox news caught faking it so let's look at this little clip of that fox news presented as happening this year in two thousand and eleven. at the c pac convention the conservative party action committee conference. where issues she thanks a. the winner of this year's see frank shore up a texas congressman ron paul. so as you see they they're saying that the audience booed for ron paul and this is fox news fair and balanced fox news now cut to this as it really was this is what the real response to the house
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with that ron paul was the winner of the straw poll and the next why. the winner of the straw poll was as you see the audience was in fact cheering wildly for ron paul winning but fox news presented it as if they were booing so what are they trying to do but manufacture consensus to their audience watching this that ron paul is somebody who you should do that he is somebody who you should mock and not consider seriously just like we start at the top of the show that you should not take gold bugs seriously you should not consider protecting yourself in any way well the audience
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of fox news there tend to be seventy years old white guy sitting in lounge chairs at home drinking bear and cursing themselves and their pets and they respond in a twitch like manner so whatever comes across out of the tube they just twitch and then that becomes the mean the thought for the day and they repeat it down at the bowling alley to their friends so equally intoxicated and then you have bill o'reilly come on and repeat the lie over and over again and roger else who's the runs fox news i mean want to make a remake of triumph of the will you know the famous propaganda film for hitler because or that it's worse the worst propaganda we've seen in sixty seventy years these guys should be arrested this probably doing is illegal in america and yet they're doing it without any regulation whatsoever well in fact that's one level of propaganda where the leader tells you something a lie over and over and over then there's this more subtle level of propaganda going on where the audience those people were booing ron paul so this is consensus
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that average joes like you and me not just bill o'reilly and glenn beck the guys who. are they're presenting on television have an opinion about this but normal people like you and me so they're trying to create a consensus that the audience the population like you believe this and you see this frighteningly in this next headline revealed air force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people so this is from raw story and they found online on the u.s. government website that on june twenty second two thousand and ten a federal contract was offered from the sixth contracting squadron at macdill air force base located south of tampa florida that solicited providers of persona management software persona management in the description of this contract they're saying they're looking for software in which one individual at the air force can create fifty personas like legitimate seamen personas who have a twitter account
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a facebook account and one of the things they could do is they would they would create a consensus that i am this persona and i have this opinion against these anti-war activists for right so they create fake personas to flood the web with fake comments to try to influence the perception in the in the discussion out there as if there is some kind of debate when there is no debate so it's similar to on the floor the new york stock exchange high frequency trading a quote stuffing with a flood the exchange of fake orders to try to make the price go up and down to manipulate prices so this is manipulate the public and censor manufacturing consent by flooding the web with fake avatars and fake persona as to leave comments that are coming from robots not from actual people to to to create the illusion that there is a debate exactly and we've often talked about the plunge protection team the president's working group on financial markets where they're stepping into the market the government is buying shares in order to. form your opinion about where
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the markets are going they're labeling basically aaa your equities market your dow jones. even though it's a it's a whole load of go poo well i think that about sums it up stacey lambert thanks so much for being on the kaiser report i'm i hope you'll be back in a reincarnated state someday i'll reincarnate on the next episode how about that sounds fantastic don't go away much more coming your way much more on this topic with glenn greenwald.
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just. from still. don't come.
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i'll come back to the kaiser report time now to go to brazil and talk with glenn greenwald a blogger at salon dot com blog. the kaiser report glenn greenwald great to be or thanks for having me all right glenn first you are at the center of a massive and under reported wiki leaks smear campaign tell us about it who are the players and what information has come out about their actions so far sure it centers around this group of hackers though they might contest that term that calls itself anonymous and they announced a couple of months ago that they would target any companies that in some way harmed or terminated its services with wiki leaks and there was a period in november of last year when a variety of large companies such as amazon pay pal master card and visa started succumbing to the pressure from the u.s. government to terminate all services of wiki leaks prevent them from getting paid and anonymous targeted those companies with cyber attacks denial of service attacks
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that slowed down their websites in some cases took them offline for a couple of hours and so this anonymous group became a serious concern for the u.s. government and there's a several internet security firms that are vying for a large government contracts and to keep good relationship with the government who decided to target on a mess and one of them a company called h.p. gary that does internet security and internet investigations started publicly boasting that they had managed to infiltrate anonymous find out the identity of some of their key members and in response anonymous targeted this firm h.b. gary by hacking into their computer system into their e-mail system and downloading and then publishing on the internet fifty thousand internal e-mails from h.p. gary and among those e-mails were proposals that h.p. gary and other internet firms and
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a large law firm in washington were developing to target various critics of the chamber of commerce and also supporters of wiki leaks such as myself. with all kinds of odious and probably illegal smear campaigns to destroy their reputation and in some way threaten their careers and that's what it was the publication of those e-mails and those pows that have led to this controversy so wiki leaks was talking about coming out was a huge cache of information relating to a bank and that bank was rumored to be bank of america bank of america then hires this group h.b. gary doing gaijin some defensive cyber actions to protect bank of america and then they got into a kerfuffle with this group anonymous who are hacktivists who are out there kind of trying to defend against overreaching corporate powers and then in the melee your name came up so within the e-mails that were exposed one of the one of
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the tactics being used by the h.b. gary was to just openly smear glenn greenwald who has been out there defending weekly leaks is that that's what happened right yeah i mean i would just add a couple of things which is you know the bank of america is very threatened by wiki leaks because there have been reports that we sitting on a large trove of documents that could expose serious fraud and wrongdoing at high levels of the bank of america that's what's been reported and so the bank of america is taking this very seriously and has hired some very large players such as booz allen which is staffed with all kinds of former cia and pentagon officials to assist them not only in defending themselves against wiki leaks but in offensively targeting wiki leaks and so part of this effort was really part of that scheme which was a scheme on the part of bank of america using its law firm its large law firm hunton williams that was recommended to a by the justice department to target wiki leaks and undermine and harm it in any
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way that they could and so on there's no evidence yet that bank of america actually hired these firms to go out and. this that's what these proposals were designed to do and they were being discussed with bank of america's lawyers and several other internet security firms in emails over the course of several weeks and nobody at any point ever said this is something we should be doing this is probably illegal this is too excessive i don't want to be a part of because they all participated in the planning of it actively and enthusiastically and there's zero objections from anybody of the numerous parties involved to any of these things right now bank of america of course as the entire banking sector in the u.s. hispanic s'posed now and revealed they've been engaged in incredible fraud involved in mortgages and repackaging faulty mortgages and bogus selling of mortgage backed securities accent or
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a and they've got incredible entree into the federal government they've got the restaurant revolving door between wall street and u.s. government so here are some wiki leaks pertaining to bank of america and this smear campaign is initiated you have to go back to the mccarthy period right to find this level of persecution of american citizens. to protect the corrupt i mean this is really historic in that sense you're a lawyer glenn i mean this is violates incredible number of laws here where where is this going to end and how can the stop well you know i think if they all this were just an effort to for example disseminate ideas on behalf of the bank of america or even the chamber of commerce or even to undermine the arguments being made by a critics of the of the chamber of commerce or supporters of wiki leaks that would be one thing that would be legitimate but this goes so far beyond that i mean they're talking about for example all fabricating documents basically forging documents and then submitting them to week you leaks pretending to be
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a confidential source to induce week he likes to publish that disseminated to the public and then attack wiki leaks for having published forward documents and. language that they use for targeting pro wiki leaks journalists of myself was forcing people to choose between preservation of career over a cause meaning finding ways to threaten the careers of pro wiki leaks activists and spokespeople and journalists in order to basically force them to stop advocating on behalf of wiki leaks which is extortion and they're talk about things like trespassing into week uniques is cyber system to discover the confidentiality to uncover the confidentiality of its sources there's talk of the relatives and wives and children of critics of the chamber of commerce where they go to synagogue where that what they do online targeting their family members and you know if this were just a one time thing you could sort of write it off this being the byproduct of a bunch of psychopaths but what i think we're taking this story so seriously is
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that these are serious legitimate players in this world of this consortium of corporate and government power these are people who do a lot of work for the u.s. government for large corporations they're working with two of the largest corporate entities in the on the planet which is the bank of america and the chamber of commerce and what's so striking about it is it isn't like there's a whistle blower who just blew the whistle on this because this was too extreme and they couldn't handle it this is just a random how of e-mails that uncovered this and i think the behavior of the people involved treating this like it's just business as usual no one objecting being willing to put it down in writing shows just how routine this sort of thing is in that world and that's when i that what i think is so permissions about it is this is clearly a systematic way of doing business on the part of entities like this that just accidently got exposed prices industrial strength assembly line civil rights of be is by the government and the banks and it's. and widespread let me a relate
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to you a story here from ross story it's been revealed that air force owner of software to manage an army of fake virtual. people h.b. gary is one of the companies that is bidding to provide this software so this software provides online personas that can basically go into chat rooms and on block sites and leave comments to try to manufacture consent to use a to use an old noam chomsky phrase but they're using these virtual personas by the thousands and tens of thousands of same company h.b. gary to try to manufacturing consent is part of the propaganda your thoughts on this if you've seen this when you think about this is there a legal precedent for this it sounds illegal to me you know i think that you know this has to be tied into the broader context which is there's one of obama's closest longest term associates ca sunstein who was formerly a law professor at the university of chicago who is now his chief regulatory
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officer in the white house who published a paper in two thousand and eight that talked about what he called cognitive infiltration of online communities and he described how where people gather on the internet and to reinforce one another is what he believes to be false perceptions of the world false political views. mythical all conceptions of things that the government ahd a coordinate efforts of people who were covertly to infiltrate these communities online and rebut these ideas through pretending to be part of this community but in reality being paid in full informants or infiltrators on the part of the u.s. government it's a very long and carefully considered law review article that even considered whether or not the community is like this that traffic and what he believes to be false political ideas ought to be banned and he said the widget made it would probably be better to just rebut them and fight them using these kind of cognitive
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infiltrate of teams and that's exactly the sort of thing h.b. gary is talking about as well and other firms have been talking about this in and doing it which is basically using the. the internet in a concerted and coordinated way on behalf of the government to disseminate propaganda and i think it would be naive and foolish to believe that. again that this is something unusual that was exposed there's lots of evidence that this takes place on the part of corporations all the time and the internet can actually be a tool for more effectively allowing the dissemination of propaganda on behalf of the world's most powerful factions write it they call it cognitive infiltration the other word for that would be propaganda so they're clearly breaking the law so ok linda blair while you're there lawyer out how does one begin the process to take these guys to court they've broken the law let's prosecute and put them in jail because their law breaking will probably end is a legal when done by the government and there's some indication here that the
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government was in some way involved in coordinating these efforts although there's not very much evidence of that corporations have the same right to disseminate ideas even unpersuasive ideas as private citizens do so i'm not so sure that there's criminality in terms of propaganda fences whatever what i think is criminal is i said before planning to manufacture forged documents with the intent to disseminate them to the public threatening the careers of journalists in an extortionate way certainly planning to trespass into wiki leaks is cyber systems targeting the family members of advocates and the like that interfere with their constitutional rights of free speech and free assembly the problem is that the per the agency that would be responsible for commencing criminal investigation prosecutions is the justice department and they just department has proven that there are very unwilling to target powerful entities when they get caught breaking the law.


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